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Artists &
Designers Fair
in Krakow

poster, printmaking, painting, illustration, book, photography, design, sculpture

“BRAND NEW ART” – young Polish art and design at its best, in one place, straight from the artists!

Stationary at @ Potulicki and Ogiński Palace (12–13.11) and online gallery (12–30.11).

Names you know well from previous editions, but also remarkable debuts. Join the event and share it with your family, friends, and acquaintances. Meet us on the 12 and 13 of November at the Potulicki and Ogiński Palace. By the end of the month, you will also find all the exhibitors on our website at

Who do we do it for? Among others, for you, dear art enthusiasts, design fans, and seekers of original gifts. Would you like to invest in art but do not know how to start? Do you like to be up to date with the latest news and debuts? Would you like to support artists, and do you value direct contact with them? Do you like giving unique gifts to your loved ones but do not know where to look for them? Come to the Artists and Designers Fair and choose from a wide variety of works that you will not find anywhere else. It may be the beginning of your collection! Believe us, it’s worth embarking on this path, and we will tell you more about it.

Collectors, publishers, representatives of business and creative industries, architects, and interior designers. This event is also for you. Why? Because “Brand New Art” is an ideal opportunity to meet artists, engage in inspiring conversations, buy works without commission, and establish cooperation with young artists and designers who are just entering the market. It is also a chance to become involved in joint projects. Let’s help them catch the wind in their sails.

Creators, designers, without you, it won’t work. Join us to create “Brand New Art” so far unseen. Come to show your posters, prints, paintings, illustrations, books, photographs, jewellery, furniture, sculptures. It is a chance to promote your work, gain new experience, make contacts, but also to reach out with your works to an interested and attentive public, as well as conscious, appreciative collectors and representatives of creative circles. Do you want to ally with us to change the perception of art fairs? We look forward to each of your submissions with great curiosity and excitement.

We are looking forward to meeting you! We are waiting until 7th November 2022.

From 12–13 November 2022, the fourth edition of the Artists and Designers Fair will take place. It is an event addressed at creators, art and design connoisseurs, enthusiasts of original works and talent seekers.

We invite everyone interested in establishing cooperation with young artists and graphic designers, including publishers, architects, representatives of business and creative industries. It will be an opportunity to meet the authors, talk to them, and buy original works selected by specialists without commission, straight from the creators.

During the first two days of the project, from 12–13 November, we invite you to the traditional fair at the Potulicki and Ogiński Palace. At the same time, we invite you to visit the Brand New Art platform and gallery online until the end of November – 30 November 2022.


We would like to invite you to the upcoming “Brand New Art” [Nówka Sztuka] artists and designers fair that will take place in Kraków, on 12th and 13th of November 2022, in Potulicki and Ogiński Palace (Piłsudskiego 4 Street).

During the fair we will hold the competition (with the prize of 10,000 PLN) in which the jury will choose the most promising personality in the field of visual arts in recognition of the particularly worthwhile works.

Throughout the “Brand New Art” [Nówka Sztuka] fair we try to showcase brand new, fresh and contemporary works that are sold directly by the artists, without additional commissions. We are featuring young creators, as well as recognized professionals. Their works will also be featured during Brand New Art [Nówka Sztuka], where the most interesting oeuvres will be sold in the auctioneering system.

The vast majority of exhibitors are young creators, very often just beginning their artistic journey. During the “Brand New Art” [Nówka Sztuka], we especially try to showcase brand new, fresh and contemporary works that are sold directly by the artists, without additional commissions. However, in our view, novelty of the art is not dependent on the creator’s age, but rather the relevancy of their art. That is why in the professionals’ zone you will be able to find works of esteemed and recognized artists. Their works will also be featured during Brand New Art, where the most interesting oeuvres will be sold in the auctioneering system.

As we want to emphasize the connection between the fairs and higher education, we also provide accompanying events – lectures and discussion panels. Another important element of our mission is highlighting direct connection between the artist and the audience. We strive to educate the creators in the business and marketing aspect of creative work but also bring to the attention of the art consumers that the authors are not just an enigmatic signature in the corner of the painting.

Having in mind the role of Kraków as a cultural and creative center, we focus on synergy between art and business. We believe that the growing market of digital art distribution will attract new creators and customers alike, therefore selected works will be available to purchase as NFT token.

How does Brand New Art & Design Online work?

The interactive website dedicated to our online fair helps to connect the audience with the artists in a joint exploration of art and design. Here, you can talk directly with selected artists or designers, while a large gallery arranged in eight categories will help you to discover their works.

If you are moved by any of the works and discover a collector within yourself, you can easily buy any artwork presented in our gallery


”Art is not just a thing; with every purchase, the buyer also receives a piece of your creative spirit.”

– Carolyn Edlund, art marketing & sales strategies expert


12–13 November 2022